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Tax Day!! REFUND? Use for down payment!

Were you someone who was fortunate to receive a tax refund this year?  If so, hang on to it!

Instead of running out and going on a shopping spree for a new wardrobe or hunting/fishing gear, SAVE your refund!  That’s right, I said SAVE your refund… this money can be used towards your down payment of as low as 3%.  If you’re approved to purchase a home for $100,000, all you would need to put down is as low as $3,000!!

Are you a first time home buyer?  Refer back to my previous posts in regards to buying real estate, steps one through five.  I specialize in first time home buyers, new construction, resale, etc… If you have any questions about real estate, I am the agent you want to contact. My number 785-230-2958 or email me at cole@coleboling.com.

If you know someone looking to buy, sell, invest in real estate, I love referrals!  Please send anyone you know my way!  I will take care of them!  Thank you and happy tax day!!


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